BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 update arriving this week, and here is what you want know before that

Hey people as we all know blackberry 10.3.1 official rollout are on stands for blackberry Z (3, 10, and 30) and Q (5 and 10) series users.  Here are some features which we will be getting in 10.3.1. I have broken down this article into different themes like New UI, Home Screen, Calendars, Blackberry HUB, Blackberry assistant and other miscellaneous

New UI: Updated Icons:  As we all know other operating systems are going towards flatter designs. Blackberry has also taken step towards that. The UI now is pretty neat and clean. Developers have considered our feedback by removing black box around the app icon here is snap shot it.      Old UI on Q10                                                         New UI on Passport techphone_vn-BlackBerry-Q10-3 BlackBerry-Passport-Review-020-UI Signature Action bar: The action bar at the bottom of the screen has been updated for a simpler and cleaner experience. The most commonly used action is in the center of the bar and highlighted with blue color to give it focus. The secondary actions flank the primary or ‘signature action’ for functionality. The main action is static for each app/screen. SignatureAction_thumb  

Home Screen: Blackberry has made lot of improvements to their home screen.

A bonus to users: More apps on screen – Yes Blackberry have added one more row/ column of icons than you are used too.  The BB z3, z10 and z30 now get an extra row of apps. And for my QWERTY friends (Q5 and Q10) you get an extra column of apps.

Empty Home screen: Do you like to flaunt your wallpapers? Then you might love this. They have made “running apps grid” to be always present in spite closing your last application. This creates less confusion, more predictability for end users, especially to those who are coming from other platforms. Also, it’s a great way to show off your wallpaper! However if you don’t like this option you can always disable it in settings menu.

Fast Quick Settings Access: Changing system settings from anywhere is only a two-finger-swipe away. From within any application a two-finger-swipe from the top will pull down the systems quick settings menu.

Endless folders: That’s right, now you can dump more apps into a single folder, as you can have pages and pages of applications. For those of you who have multiple folders that you want to combine into one. Blackberry has heard that! Just drag and drop a folder onto another and it will merge the apps into a single folder. Sorry, no folders within folders for this release.

Device manager: Device manager has taken a complete overhaul. Now you can track data usage which is further broken down into WI -Fi usage and mobile data usage.

Battery saver mode: The Battery saver mode has finally made it to Blackberry. It has an option to lower the screen brightness, turn off notifications, limit CPU performance and also turn off the data services especially when you are running out of battery juice.

Custom notifications /Custom profile: Good news to those who were taking all the trouble to download custom led notification apps .Now in OS 10.3.1 the custom LED notifications comes inbuilt.

Rearrange setting options: You can now rearrange setting options as per your convenience.

rearrange setting option

Addition of album view: Added “Album View” in the file manager. When you try to attach a picture this makes it much easier to find pictures, especially if you use folders! More in-line with the pictures app! aibum view

Remember App: Remember app is updated with clean UI. Allows for choice of view between tasks and notes at the top!

Calendar: Calendar has been updated with weekly agenda view and the great addition to the calendar is ability to add tasks in calendar itself and view task in calendar. They have added one more profile called as meeting minute’s profile. In this profile the phone will automatically change your profile based on when you have meeting set in the calendar.

Blackberry HUB:

  • Blackberry has bought something for those who receive E-mail attachments, more specifically, if you receive multiple attachments in one E-mail. BlackBerry OS 10.3 will bring a ‘Download All’ option. A simple feature but one that is very welcome and very handy. Definitely something many of us want.

.Download all

  • BlackBerry OS 10.3 will give you the option to Delete Original Text when replying to e-mails. This feature will not useful for many but some would like it for sure.
  •  delete-original-text-103
  • BlackBerry Hub Reset After Timed Interval
  • Remote search for IMAP: This basically means that even if messages are no longer on your device they are still available to you.

 Blackberry Assistant Like Siri of Apple and Cortana of windows, Blackberry has come up with new personal assistant who is called Blackberry assistant and she is one of the best in the market. Though Cortana concerates non work part of the life. Blackberry assistant is mainly built to boost the productivity Blackberry assistant understands your commands whether they are spoken by your voice or typed into your device. What you choose depends on your situation. As we all know, there are moments when it’s just not appropriate to speak to your phone it might be meetings, or loud public places. You can use the keyboard on the BlackBerry to input your instructions or questions. BlackBerry Assistant is smart about context. If you speak to it, it replies verbally. If you type to it, BlackBerry Assistant remains silent, answering on-screen. If you’re in the car and connected via Bluetooth, it understands you might not be able to view the screen and instead replies verbally. With the BlackBerry Assistant, you will be able to manage work and personal email, contacts and calendars. This is something that I am not sure whether non-BlackBerry devices can do for you; the trusted security of BlackBerry 10 allows me to use the BlackBerry Assistant to stay seriously organized both at work and at home. Of course, you can ask BlackBerry Assistant about the weather, local restaurant suggestions, and other fun things. But at its core, BlackBerry Assistant is for productivity. There might be some more features which I might have missed Please feel free to add those   features in the comments. Badly looking forward for 10.3.1 updates and use it.  

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