Does your phone say about you?


Lot of us judge others on the basis of their First impressions. Well sometimes we might be wrong in judging the people on the basis of first impressions.

We judge people by their attire, their way of living and their way of communicating with others. Have you ever judged a person based their phone?

This might sound very ridiculous to you. But here are few things where one person’s phone says about his personality.

Half eaten apple (I Phone) owner:

Iphones are common in US and some other western countries. But being from developing country like India owning an Iphone shows one’s status. These Iphone users are pain in the ass. These guys always make you engage in the stupid arguments that IOS is better than Android and windows. Well dear Iphone owners nobody gives a shit about which OS is better, when people are busy competing in their jobs, education and business. Learn to squeeze your insecurity issues. Yes I know you have Iphone so what? Did it give you a new girlfriend? Did it help you in getting laid? Nope? See that’s why we don’t care?

The cracked screen:

You are meeting a girl for the first time. Like a good guy you planned to meet her in coffee shop after work. Like a gentleman you arrive 10 minutes prior to the date. You sit there and order for coffee, you login to your tweeter and browse through your tweets.

Like a typical lady she walks into coffee shop 30 minutes later.  She is wearing those figure hugging short dress (that hides things to an extent by giving the hint of goodies beneath) with a high heels and settles down on the couch in front of you. She orders coffee and like typical girl she is talkative (She doesn’t allow you talk), So far everything is good with conversation flowing. Suddenly her phone rings and she whips up her phone. The phone screen is cracked and this can be an easy pass for the spider’s web.

Well I don’t know what others think, but something about the cracked screens screams to me about carelessness. Especially if the cracked screen on the women’s phone gives me I will drop your baby vibe.  I normally think these type of woman cook and leave the kitchen messed up or they don’t nowhere is her baby and what it is up to. I don’t know about others but to be frank I would not date women with the cracked phone screen.

I must buy guys:

There are few people who change their phones like they change their Undies. I literally feel this is not just the addiction or fad but it is a disease. How else can you explain a person buying phone every 5 to 6 months? Well as matter of fact these guys don’t know how to spend their money and where to spend their money. But I feel such guys have not got enough care or love by their elders during their childhood and they try to fill this void by buying new things now and then.

The Old school guys:

There are few people who just refuse to accept the changes. In these times where even a garbage collector owns a smartphone, there are these few people who will be using those feature phones (eg. Nokia 1100). If you ask these guys why you are still using these phones they would say I still love those bounce and snake games or I don’t want to complicate my life by using smartphone or they would also say phones are just meant for calling and texting.

This would get more complicated if the person is in youngster (in twenties). Such people never change. These are the guys with whom I will not keep any relationships, they stick to abusive relationships and they are afraid of trying and moving to new things. I feel these type people enemies for the progress.

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