Microsoft bridges the gap windows 10 and your phone with their new software Microsoft graph

graphMicrosoft’s push into being the connective glue between all of your devices is encompassed in Graph. That is what the company is calling a handful of features it says will “connect dots between people, conversations, projects and content.” Announced during the second day of Build 2017, the aim is to make all things Microsoft work seamlessly, whether you’re on an iPhone, an Android device or a Windows PC. (And without mentioning continuum.) It goes beyond that, tapping into Microsoft’s cloud storage services in a bid to make you more efficient while switching across different hardware and keeping track of (almost) everything you do on your PC. Let’s take a look.

You may recall that last year’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update added Android notification mirroring, if you had the Cortana app installed. Microsoft Graph is another step in that direction. For example, Microsoft showed someone using the Windows 10 News app reading an article, but had to leave for an appointment, so they turned off their laptop and started using their iPhone. A few moments later, Cortana sent a notification with a link the article they had open, for later reading.

Another feature is the Timeline, which shows everything you have been working on across all your devices. For example, let’s say I was working on a Word document a few days ago on my laptop. I could open my Timeline from my Android phone, go to that date, and open the document with Word for Android. Finally, your clipboard can be synced across all your devices with Graph.

Developers will be able to integrate Microsoft Graph into their own apps (on both desktop and mobile) once the public API is available. Since I don’t use many Microsoft applications or services, I’ll be more interested in what third-party developers use it for. watch this video to see how Microsoft graph helps connect devices to android and Iphone.

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