Apple WWDC2017 : what to expect?

WWDC 2017 is all set to run from June 5-9 this year. The much-awaited event will be held at McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

Apple marketing Chief Phil Schiller said that San Jose will provide a great environment for developers attending the conference. “Of course, San Jose has the added benefit of being close to Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, which should make logistics much easier for the company, especially when it comes to getting engineers on site.” Schiller said

What to expect in this event ?

#1) Next MacOS update news: Apple has been updating its desktop OS, MacOS, like clockwork each year. This year will probably be no different. Of interest, though, is whether Apple will introduce any truly new or innovative capabilities, or continue its long march towards unification or parity with iOS.

In past years, Apple has named its MacOS (originally OS X) versions after animals, failed presidential candidates (Mavericks — yes, I’m kidding), and California landmarks. This year, expect another famous California name, Big Sur, perhaps.

#2) iOS update: At Apple’s spiritual core these days is iOS. It’s time for Apple to unveil iOS 11. This is particularly interesting, because the features in the iOS update often provide indicators of what to expect from new iDevices announced the following autumn. With a big, new Anniversary Edition phone anticipated in September or October, expect developers to show rapt interest in this part of the event.

#3) watchOS: The Apple Watch has continued to evolve, with fitness and health a major focus. Expect to see further discussion of fitness capabilities (plus some bragging).

#4) tvOS: Ever since Apple announced the new generation of Apple TV that runs apps, app development and production has been growing for this “hobby” set top box. A broadcast-replacement play from Apple has been long rumored. Since Hulu and other companies are beginning to syndicate traditional networks, this may be an arena Apple will enter. There is also some expectation that Amazon’s Prime Video will finally make it to the Apple TV this year, if the two companies can learn to work and play together.

#5) News about Apple Park and sustainability: Apple is making great progress on its new headquarters. Since the company has long bragged about its environmental awareness, we’re pretty sure there will be a WWDC keynote segment devoted to these two topics


#6) Updated MacBook Pros: Hot on the heels of what were apparently hot selling but universally panned MacBook Pros in October, the rumor mills say there might be new processors announced. Given the generally low performance and mind-boggling price of the October MacBook Pros, expect some very cranky noise from recent purchasers if that happens.

#7) Updated MacBook: The Retina 12-inch MacBook Pro hasn’t gotten a refresh since April of 2016, so it’s a fair bet this baby will see a rev.

#8) More details on Mac Pro: Ever since Apple admitted its failing with the trash can Mac Pro just a few months ago, we’ve been expecting more news. Is it too soon to expect more news? Perhaps not.

#9) Other Macs: Filling out the Mac line, no news has definitely not been good news when it comes to the Mac mini and Retina iMac, both last updated more than two years ago. Will there be any news? The rumor mills have been silent here.

#10) New iPads: Where the rumor mills have definitely not been silent is the expectation that there may be a ten inch iPad. This was first expected in April, but that didn’t happen. The fate of the 12-inch iPad Pro is also an item of curiosity. This device is running on almost two years and hasn’t even seen its first update.



#11) Siri Speaker: Reports that have surfaced in the last couple of months suggest Apple is working on a Siri-powered smart speaker to rival the Amazon Echo, Google Home and recently announced Harman Kardon Invoke. Bloomberg cites analyst and generally reliable tipster Ming-Chi Kuo, as saying Apple will unveil its speaker at WWDC 2017, stating that some Apple employees have already been testing it in their homes. It’s thought that Apple’s speaker will have facial recognition technology to help differentiate between users and deliver personalized settings for things such as music.

The speaker will also likely integrate with Apple’s Home Kit software to control smart home products. We haven’t seen any leaked pictures of the speaker yet though, so all eyes will be on San Jose to see if anything shows up.


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