Google’s Pixel 4 pre-orders accidentally went live before the launch

The Google Pixel 4 leaked again today, this time by the Canadian branch of the retailer Best Buy. The firm’s pre-order page for the Pixel 4 went online this morning before being taken down, but the Pixel 4’s full specs and advertised features were officially confirmed.

You can find the full specs sheet below.




As Google revealed, Pixel 4 will ditch its Pixel Imprint fingerprint sensor for a more secure face authentication feature. This will be enabled by the new hardware that sits at the top of the phone. Google won’t be adopting a notch, a hole punch, or anything like that. The top of your phone has this cool technology, and Google doesn’t want to hide it.

The firm also shows off the new Google Camera app with its astrophotography mode, and quick gestures via Project Soli.

Best Buy also highlighted Google’s gestures, though it’s unclear how Google hopes its implementation would be useful seeing as both Microsoft and Samsung already tried and gave up on this.

The Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL will be announced this Tuesday in New York City.

Via: Android Police


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