Apple to bundle New plus, music, TV plus subscriptions in 2020

Apple will reportedly bundle its News+, Apple TV+, and Apple Music subscriptions. It will be called the ‘Mega Bundle’ and will arrive in 2020.

This was first reported by Bloomberg, which revealed that Apple is planning to bundle all its service subscriptions in one in order to gain more subscribers.

However, some believe that selling Apple News+ as part of a broader bundle with TV+ and Apple Music might reduce content owners’ share, because the cost of the news service will likely be reduced. Currently, of the subscription money that Apple charges in total for News+, 50 percent goes to the company and the rest goes to the publishers.

If you see, Apple has already started to experiment with bundling subscriptions. It recently began offering a free Apple TV+ subscription to students who are Apple Music subscribers.

Earlier this month we also learnt that Apple is reportedly working on a similar model for the sale for future iPhones. According to a report by CNBC, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently hinted that the company may replace the traditional sale model with a subscription-based model soon. The purported service may be called Apple Prime. Per the report, Apple will bundle all of its services like Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple Pay, along with the iPhone for a monthly fee.


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