Samsung changes their stand on Android 10 for the Samsung Galaxy S8

There has been growing concern from Samsung Galaxy S8 owners that they will not be getting the Android 10 and One UI 2.0 update Samsung is currently testing for the S9 and S10.

Samsung normally offers only two major OS updates, and the 2017 handset which launched with Android 7.0 has already had updates to Android 8.0 in February 2018 and Android 9.0 in February 2019, and is not currently included in the Android 10 beta.

Today WindowsUnited, however, reports that Samsung support has confirmed that an update is in the works for the handset.

The Samsung agent said:

Good day Herr Garde,

Thank you for contacting us to the Samsung customer service. Regarding your request for Android 10 I like to inform you. Do not worry. It is planned that also the S8 the android 10 update should get. When this Exactly, I can give you now do not say yet. Therefore, I ask you still a little patience. If you have a concern again have, please feel free to contact us!

Support agents, of course, famous for giving incorrect information, so we will take this reassurance with a pinch of salt, but a positive answer is still much more encouraging than a negative one.

The One UI 2.0 beta is based on Android 10 comes with enhanced lock screen legibility, a new design for notifications and a modified dark mode for notifications, browser and many system apps. Android 10 itself comes with a new dark more, iOS-like gesture navigations and notification improvements.

Are any of our readers still using a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note 8 and are you waiting for the Android 10 for the Samsung Galaxy S8 update? Let us know below.

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