As the Brazilian App economy is booming. People are resorting to these apps to generate the extra income.

Brazil is one of the faster growing economy in the world. In the third quarter of 2019 it beat the analyst expectation in terms of the growth.


The population of the brazil is relatively young and are very fast to adapt to the future technologies via their smartphones. People are ahead of the curve with their affinity towards the mobile apps around 78% of the people prefer shopping on their phones which is more the global average of 71%.

Brazil is one of the fastest growing economy in terms of mobile pentration

As the smartphone penetration is growing in brazil the Brazilians are increasingly resorting to these mobile apps to supplement their due to raise in the unemployment.


As per the study conducted by agencies mobile time and opinion box reveals that 32% of those who polled use apps to earn extra income.  Around 12.7% of the brazil’s population is unemployed as per the Reuters data.

Around 58% of the responded they use apps to sell the product to boost their income though Facebook and WhatsApp. Around 21% of the people use the apps to offer services like home Improvement. Out of all these people 93% of the people use social networking apps while 37% also use market place to offer their services.


Around 9% of the people who use apps to earn money operate through mobility tools like uber, while 8% work for the food delivery apps mainly in the local platform iFood.

Brazilians who use app to earn money are women (60%) with 82% are belonging to middle and lower class society. Around 30% of people use app platform as their sole source of income which is very interesting.

This article is solely based on the mobile time/ opinion box study . If you see something similar happening in your country kindly let us know