Microsoft Outlook reaches 100 Million installs on the Play Store


The death of Windows Phone forced Microsoft to take some bold steps to stay relevant in the consumer space. So it took a bold step to make its popular apps available for Android and iOS users. And this strategy is doing well for them especially in android.

The latest Microsoft app that got its due recognition is the Microsoft Outlook app. Microsoft Outlook now has more than 100M installs on the Play Store and that is a pretty big achievement given the fact that Google’s Gmail app comes pre-installed with pretty much all the Android smartphones.


However, Microsoft Outlook is not the only app to achieve such a success — SwiftKey recently crossed the 500M install on Play Store.

The 4.4/5 rating for the app suggests that whatever Microsoft did with Acompli, which became Outlook Mobile after Microsoft acquired it back in 2014, made users happy. You can install Microsoft Outlook on your Android smartphone from this link.

What do you, will this strategy of Microsoft to launch their software’s in android and iOS will help them stay ahead in consumer space?

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