Samsung might not launch Galaxy S11 next year

Samsung and Apple have set a trend of launching the phones every year. Every first quarter of the year Samsung launches its S series and in the third quarter it launches the note series.


For the months now there is lot of speculation about Samsung next phone, Galaxy S11 which is expected to launch in Feb 2020. There are rumors of its variants S11e, S11 and S11+.

However going by the rumors of popular twitter rumorist Ice Universe that there will be no Galaxy S11 ,  instead  it Galaxy S20.

Yes, Galaxy S20 as per the rumorist 2020 is the start of new decade with new decade these phones deserve new number scheme. This will also be a reason to believe that next upgrade will be big one.

It’s not the first time a phone manufacturer has gone out of the way to change their series numbers. Apple has done in the past by excluding the iphone 9 series for iphone X.

2020 doesn’t look very bright for the smartphones. Why not create a new hype the Galaxy G20 will be something big?

Just wondering what extra noteworthy features would Galaxy G20 would bring? will it stay worthy to its hype

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