Imagining Windows 10 designed by Apple ( A concept video)

Till date whatever product apple has launched has set a benchmark in terms style and elegance be it is hardware or software.  We were what if apple uses windows 10 style in its mac os.  We are not saying Microsoft is way behind and windows is bad looking OS but it windows 10 still has some old looking design cropping up in some places. Infact there is still lot to be refined for their fluent design.


So now have you ever wondered how windows 10 would look like if apple would develop the same.

Kamer Kaan Avdan, who is known as serial concept creator had also created concepts for windows95, windows xp , windows 7 and Mac Os11 ventura. He has now created new concept of how windows10 might look like in the hands of apple.

As would expect, the result is a stylish, if slightly Frankenstein blend of Windows and macOS. The Start menu tiles take a little getting used to, as does the Menu Bar at the top of the desktop.


He has also redesigned file explorer with some new options in quick access — airdrop and sync to iCloud, there is also imessage in the concept and safari takes the place of Microsoft edge as the deault browser

The action centre is also redesigned which would look something similar to that of ipad blending with windows10 style. There is also dark mode and as per the concept you can unlock your PC using an iPhone

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