Amazon and Blackberry are teaming up to deliver a new secure connected car platform

As part of their CES 2020 highlights, BlackBerry and Amazon Web Services, Inc. have now announced they have teamed up to make connected cars more secure. As part of the announcement, they will be demonstrating a connected vehicle software platform that makes use of BlackBerry QNX and AWS’ Internet of Things (IoT) Services in the cloud and in vehicle.


“By working with AWS, we can provide OEMs with a unique foundational software platform that will allow them to build the next-generation connected and autonomous cars of the future,” said John Wall, Senior Vice President and Co-Head of BlackBerry Technology Solutions. “By combining our technologies and strengths into one dedicated cloud-based offering, we can ensure automakers have the tools they need to deliver the driving experience consumers want, without sacrificing on the security and reliability they need.”

“Our automotive customers are developing exciting new products and services that rely on the power of the cloud, IoT, and AI/ML. We are thrilled to be working with BlackBerry QNX to provide secure connectivity and advanced edge computing capabilities for the next generation of electric and autonomous vehicles,” said Bill Vass, Vice President, Technology, Amazon Web Services, Inc.


Through the combination of technologies, auto manufacturers are able to securely access data from sensors, create software applications and machine-learning models for connected, electric, and autonomous vehicles, all while running a common software platform for all in-vehicle systems.