Cortana might get a new name , Microsoft is planning to rebrand it

Microsoft last week revealed the future of Cortana. Instead of a digital assistant, Microsoft is now positioning Cortana as a personal productivity assistant. Microsoft also announced that it is removing music, connected home and third-party skills of Cortana. The updated Cortana experience in Windows 10 will be available as a free update to the latest version of Windows 10 this spring. Today, Petri reported some new information about the future of Cortana. Internally, Cortana is now called as Microsoft 365 Assistant. Given the new focus around productivity, I would not be surprised if Microsoft officially rebrands Cortana as Microsoft 365 Assistant.


During the October hardware event last year, Microsoft surprised everyone by announcing the new Surface Earbuds. Surface Earbuds is a truly wireless earbuds that works with any Bluetooth device and comes with dual mic array and 24 hours of battery life. In November, Microsoft announced that it is delaying the launch of Surface Earbuds to Spring 2020. Petri today revealed some new tidbits of information regarding Surface Earbuds, read the gist of it below.

  • Surface Earbuds was delayed because software features were not ready.
  • You can ask Surface Earbuds to read out your emails through Outlook Play My Emails feature.

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