Google brings Wear OS app to Samsung’s Galaxy Store

Google’s Wear OS platform isn’t the best for wearables today, but it’s a solid foundation that powers a lot of smartwatches that might soon get a lot better. Now, if you have a Samsung smartphone, Google is making the Wear OS app available through the Samsung Galaxy Store.

We’re not exactly sure when Google brought Wear OS to the Samsung Galaxy Store — our best guess is very late in December — but the app is live now and available for download. As you’d expect, this is the same Wear OS app available through the Google Play Store, just distributed through Samsung’s app store.


This isn’t the first app Google has released in the Galaxy Store, as Translate was added about a year ago back on the reviews left on the app’s listing. As far as we can tell, though, these are the only two Google apps in Samsung’s app store, though.

Why did Google release Wear OS on the Galaxy Store? The reason isn’t clear, but we have a couple of ideas. For one, this could simply be a new distribution channel, perhaps to regions such as China where the Play Store is either unavailable or not preferred by users.

Another interesting thing to note, too, is that in 2018 there were rumors that Samsung was working on a smartwatch running Google’s Wear OS platform, but nothing ever came of those reports. With Samsung and Google bringing the Wear OS app to Samsung’s Galaxy Store, it seems more likely than ever before Samsung could be working on a Wear OS watch.

Who knows, perhaps the company is working out a deal like Xiaomi has where they’ll be able to customize the Wear OS UI.


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