Spotify ‘Home’ revamped w/ personalized shortcuts, rolling out on Android, iOS

Spotify has been tweaking its mobile app quite a bit recently, and today, the company is announcing a revamp for the first screen you see in its app. Spotify’s “Home” tab is getting a redesign.


With this latest change to the Spotify mobile app, the “Home” tab is getting better at serving you the content you want to listen to throughout the day. At the top of the Home tab, you’ll be recommended six different playlists that will change depending on the time of day.

Beneath that, Spotify’s new Home tab has a collection of the playlists, podcasts, and mixes that you’ve been listening to the most. Your “Made for You” playlists, recommendations for new songs, and other content will also appear in this section, too.

This isn’t a huge departure from Spotify’s current homescreen, but it looks like a useful change. Spotify says that this new design is rolling out now to all mobile users — both Android and iOS included — globally. You should see the refreshed UI as long as you have at least 30 days of listening history on your account.

Starting today, when audio lovers open up their Spotify mobiles or tablet apps, they’ll be greeted with a refreshed user interface that allows them to quickly jump back into familiar content. Simply tap to access the podcast you stream each morning, the playlist you always tune into during your workout, or the album you’ve been playing on repeat all week. It’s a dedicated space at the top of Home to quickly and easily access your familiar music and podcasts.

As you may notice throughout your day, the screen and content change along with your schedule, welcoming you with a ‘Good morning’ and transitioning into ‘Good afternoon,’ and even ‘Good evening’ as daylight wanes.

Beneath these six recommendations is a space where you’ll find your top podcasts, ‘made for you’ playlists, recommendations for new discoveries based on your listening, and more. All in, the new Spotify Home does the hard work for you, making it easier than ever to find something to listen to — whether a long-time favorite or brand-new discovery.

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