Apple extends Final Cut Pro X and offers Logic Pro X free for 90 days

Now Make a movie and write a hit album in 90 days for free. No pressure!

If you’ve been wondering what to do for the next three months while sequestered in your living room, why not try making a movie or writing a hit album? Apple’s pro-level creatives apps, Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X are getting a supped up freebie treatment thanks to Apple.

Final Cut Pro X, which has previously had a free 30-day trial, is now extended to 90 days.


Logic Pro X, which until now has not had a free trial, is finally getting one. And, according to Apple analyst Rene Ritchie, it’s also going to be three-months long.

Logic Pro X offers a staggering amount of musical creation options from loops to patches to effects and instruments. It’s like Garage Band on steroids. In fact, if you’ve been creating music in Garage Band already, now is the time to see whether you should dive into the deep end with the grown ups. If, after three months, you still feel like you need your floaties, you can go back to Garage Band until the time feels right, and you’ll already know whether it’s worth the $200 you have in your wallet.

Final Cut Pro X is Apple’s movie editing software, and it’s a fan favorite amongst the pros. We’re not just talking about movie editing here, either. With Final Cut Pro X, you can edit 360-degree VR and AR content, add audio (from that soundtrack you made in Logic Pro X), and so very much more. I’d call it iMovie on steroids, but Final Cut Pro X is so advanced that it has it’s own pool, far away from the kiddie pool and the grown ups pool. With the free 90-day trial, you could find out whether you are ready for the jump without having to drop $300.

With the 90-day trial period of both Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X, you could make a movie and write the soundtrack for it all on one machine. Not bad for $500 worth of software. The hardest part is going to be deciding whether to keep them both after the free trial or pick your favorite.

Sign up now for your free 90-day trial of Final Cut Pro X by registering with Apple

Keep an eye out for Logic Pro X’s free 90-day trial. We don’t yet know when it’s coming, but it is coming.

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