OnePlus ‘Deep Dive’ officially confirms a handful of OnePlus 8 specs

We’re just 15 days away from the debut of the OnePlus 8 series, and there have already been many leaks of the lineup to give us an idea of what to expect. Now, in traditional OnePlus fashion, the company itself is officially confirming a few OnePlus 8 specs in a forum post.


In a “Deep Dive,” OnePlus officially goes over a few of the specs that will make its OnePlus 8 series “Lead with Speed.” That starts with the 120Hz display, a feature the company confirmed was coming a few months ago.

Backing up that display, though, is a powerful processor in the Snapdragon 865. OnePlus says that this chipset will deliver a 25% increase in CPU performance, 25% increase in the speed of GPU rendering, and also offers 25% more efficiency when it comes to energy consumption.


OnePlus has also confirmed that its next smartphone will be using LPDDR5 RAM. This faster RAM offers 45% less power consumption compared to previous generations while boosting bandwidth considerably to up to 51.2GB/s and a transfer rate of 6,400Mbps. Long story short, it’s really fast memory to the point where it might make a noticeable difference when compared to other smartphones.

Finally, OnePlus is once again using UFS 3.0 storage. This faster storage makes a huge difference when transferring and downloading files, but OnePlus is taking things a step farther with “Turbo Write and Host Performance Booster.” The company explains:

  • Turbo Write uses the upper section of the ROM’s storage as a high-speed read/write interval. Here, in theory, each read/write will enter this high-speed buffer, and then proceed to the next command of data transfer.
  • In addition, HPB (Host Performance Booster) can further improve the random read performance after extended use.

While this doesn’t offer a complete picture into the OnePlus 8 specs, leaks have given us a good idea of what to expect. Still, just based on OnePlus’ official word, we can expect some blazing fast smartphones on April 14th.

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