OnePlus Launcher ditches Shelf for Google Discover feed on OnePlus 8/Pro

The OnePlus 8 lineup went official yesterday and along with it, a handful of new changes to OxygenOS too. One noteworthy change delivers Google’s Discover feed to the OnePlus Launcher in place of the “Shelf.” 

OnePlus’ Launcher has long included its own customizable “Shelf” on the left-most screen for widgets, shortcuts, and other bits of data. However, many preferred Google’s Discover feed which offers news on topics you care about and more. Now, OnePlus is giving users the choice. 

Out of the box both the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro ship with Google Discover as the default on the launcher. This change was first pointed out by Android Police because, frankly, I forgot the OnePlus Shelf was even a thing. In the past, I’ve never found it useful. It seems OnePlus agrees because, on the OnePlus 8 series, disabling Google Discover doesn’t even bring back the Shelf feature. 

Pour one out, the OnePlus Shelf is dead. Presumably, this same change will stick around on future OnePlus releases too. 

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