YouTube Video Builder is a new tool which helps small businesses quickly create short clips

In light of the coronavirus, Google has observed more businesses using video to “make and maintain connections” with customers. YouTube Video Builder is a new tool to help those “who don’t have resources to create videos from scratch.” 


As suggested by the name, Video Builder lets you quickly create short YouTube clips that are six or 15 seconds in length. It will animate static assets like images, text, and logos with music from the built-in library. There are a number of layouts tuned to different messages and goals, with font and color customizations available. 

This tool was originally set to be announced over the summer, but the launch was accelerated in light of how it could aid smaller businesses lacking production resources today. It’s tied with Google providing free advertising credits to SMBs as parts of its COVID-19 response. 


Possible use cases include making videos about new operating hours, services, and promotions. It’s being particularly pitched towards an audience of first-time video makers, with the process requiring a handful of images and taking a “few short minutes.” 

Even for well-staffed organizations, brands, and agencies, YouTube imagines Video Builder “generating supplemental, lightweight videos” that are more experimental in nature. 

The tool is free and currently in beta with sign-ups open today. The form just asks for an email, with an optional slot for a Google Ads Customer ID. 

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