Apple launches online store hub for easy shopping from home

Apple has launched a new hub for its online store to streamline shopping from home while Apple Retail Stores are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The webpage helps customers learn more about no-contact delivery options, get help from a Specialist, and more.

“Everything you love about our stores is online,” reads the new page linked from the face of Most Apple Stores around the world have been closed since mid-March. Stores that have reopened emphasize online shopping and primarily handle support appointments. Even after most retailers have reopened, customers may still be wary of public spaces for the foreseeable future.

The Apple Store Online hub offers direct links and more information about services like Apple Card and Financing as well as in-store initiatives like Apple Trade In and Today at Apple, which has a new home inside your own. One click takes you to a Specialist to answer shopping questions, and Apple Support is easy to access. These links were previously scattered across without a central directory.

During Apple’s Q2 earnings call last week, Tim Cook noted that Apple Retail saw a quarterly revenue record thanks to online store growth and despite physical store closures. The impressive performance may push Apple to continue emphasizing online sales first even after coronavirus concerns have passed.

Apple also launched a new version of the Apple Support app last week with a redoubled focus on repairs and troubleshooting.

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