Facebook Messenger announces new safety features to avoid scams and imposters

In order to protect the privacy of Messenger users, Facebook today announced a new safety feature that will help people to avoid harmful interactions with imposers and possible scams.

The new safety notice in Messenger will pop up in a chat and provide tips to help people spot suspicious activity and take action to block or ignore someone when something doesn’t seem right. For example, if you have a friend named Alex Jones on Messenger, when someone else messages you with the same Alex Jones name, Facebook will display a warning that this is a different person, not the same one who is already on your friend list. This feature is now available on Android and Facebook will bring this to iOS users next week.

Messenger is also introducing a new feature that educates people under the age of 18 to be cautious when interacting with an adult they may not know. It also disables the accounts of adults who are engaging in inappropriate interactions with children.

Source: Facebook

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