Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter take down Trump’s campaign video over copyright violation

Twitter and Donald Trump have been clashing a lot lately as the social media giant labelled Trump’s tweet as misleading pushing him to sign an executive order to regulate social media platforms including Twitter. While Twitter took a stance against Trump, Facebook decided that not doing anything may be the right approach.


However, in the latest turn of events, both Facebook and Twitter took action on a DMCA complain filed against Trump’s latest campaign video. The 4-minute video contained images of the late George Floyd of Minneapolis who died after a police officer kneeled on his neck. Twitter decided to disable the video after the copyright complain while Facebook told Reuters that it has also received a DMCA complaint about the video.

Organizations that use original art shared on Instagram are expected to have the right to do so.


YouTube, on the other hand, didn’t take any action as the company said it has not received a DMCA complain about the video. US President Donald Trump tweeted that the removal of the video was “for the Radical Left Democrats” to which Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter replied, “This was pulled because we got a DMCA complaint from copyright holder.”

Neither Twitter nor Facebook disclosed who filed the copyright claim and what part of the video was copied from another publisher

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