Amazon lists 2TB PS5 price as £599.99 alongside PS5 games from Rockstar and more

Amazon has surprisingly listed the long wondered about PS5 price and it’s quite a pricey product if this listing is to be believed. 

Posted onto Twitter by Wario64, the Amazon listing shows a two terabyte version of the previously announced 850GB console under the placeholder name: 2020 Dummy ASIN Sony PS5 1 2TB.


The product was given a pre-order price guarantee and Amazon customers were able to order the PlayStation 5 for the full £599.99.

Multiple games for the PlayStation 5 were also listed alongside the PS5 price. While these games have no official game names, they are listed by their publishers with one game being especially exciting.

Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V developer Rockstar has a game listed for £69.99; Bethesda listed a game for £69.99; Take Two has a game listed for £69.99; Konami has a game listed for £69.99; Koch Media has a game listed for £59.99, and there’s much more.

There is a chance that we will see an announcement for the PS5 price at tomorrow’s PlayStation 5 reveal event. However, with Sony reportedly waiting for Microsoft to reveal their next-gen console price, we could still be waiting for a few months.

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