Microsoft’s PowerPoint Live makes it easy to share presentations online

Microsoft just rolled out PowerPoint to live to general users. The tool allows people to share presentations with the web and enhances the presenting experience with several features, such as live captions and instant translation. Presenters can share a presentation with people QR code or link or start a presentation within Microsoft Teams. The feature was first announced in January and is now generally available. Microsoft breaks down the tool in a new blog post

Once someone joins a live presentation, they can follow along and watch the presentation and browse through other slides to make sure they’ve caught all of the information. There’s a button to jump back to the current slide so people don’t get lost.

During presentations, people can see live subtitles in their preferred language. PowerPoint Live uses AI to instantly translate spoken words into subtitles in supported languages. People can choose to have subtitles in the same language as the one being spoken to help with hearing disabilities or to make it easier to follow a presentation when you can’t use speakers or headphones.

Following a presentation, people can rate and comment on a presentation by filling out an optional survey powered by Microsoft Forms. Feedback is also possible during presentations in the form of Live Reactions.

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