Did Apple copy Windows phone or Android widgets in iOS14? Here are all the features introduced in iOS14

In WWDC 2020 keynote yesterday, Apple officially announced iOS 14 for iPhone and iPod touch. This update brings lot of new features and design changes. Read on for all of the details on this year’s flagship update to iOS 14.

App Library

Apple adds a new App Library view for organizing all of your apps. Apps are automatically organized in the App Library, and you don’t have to keep all of the icons on your Home screen.

They have also added new list view and features for sorting applications based on the One’s usage patterns


Apple has introduced new widgets. These widgets are something similar to windows phone live tiles or android widgets.

The new widgets are more data-rich they can be panned into different sizes. They can be accessed via the Today view, but it can also be dragged out of today view and onto the home screen.

When you create a widget the Apps move out of the way automatically to make room for the widgets.

The widgets can be accessed through the “widgets gallery”, with multiple sizing options.

Like iPad now iOS14 also provides support for picture in picture. Also Siri has a new interface the doesn’t overtake the entire screen.

New Translate App

The translate app in iOS 14 is designed for conversation and can work offline. You can just tap on the microphone icon and the app will translate to the language chosen. Currently 11 languages are supported with the launch.

 New Apple Messages

The new iOS14 comes with new Memoji accessories (which includes a new face mask memoji) as well as pinned messages.

They have also introduced New features for group iMessage as well as in-line replies and mentions.

Apple Maps

Apple has lot of new features in Apple Maps with iOS14

New apple maps come with features to reduce their carbon footprint which includes new support of cycling directions, such as support for elevation and details on “quite or busy roads”

There is also support for EV routing to track charge and recommend the charging stops. Currently it works with BMW and ford at launch.

Apple Car Play:

Car Play gets a nice fresh UI with the new wallpaper options, new categories of apps like EV charging, Parking and quick food optiosn.

Apple has finally launched the long rumored Car Key; with this car Key feature you can get easy car access from your iPhone. BMW 5 series cars would be the first supported cars.

You can also share the Keys via iMessage.

New App Clip Feature:

iOS 14 adds new App Clip feature helps to easily access applications quickly without downloading the full version from the App store.

Another new feature in iOS which Microsoft and google would happily welcome is that now you can you set your default apps. Meaning if you Like outlook you can set it as default mail, similarly if you like Edge or chrome you can set them as default browser

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