Leaks: Google Pixel 5 images and specs gets leaked

A CAD file for the Google Pixel 5 has leaked, allowing Pigtou to create a render of the much-anticipated device.

The handset is a slim 8mm thick with an extra 1.5mm camera bump, and measures 144.6mm long, 70.4mm wide, around the same size of the iPhone 11 XS.

In terms of design, it looks pretty similar to the Google Pixel 4, including the ever-present thick bezels, but at least these are symmetrical all the way around.  The display appears to be 5.78 inches.

Google also appears to have eschewed an in-display fingerprint reader for a rear-mounted sensor, suggesting the device may not be that high-end in terms of specs. This is consistent with rumours which suggest the handset would be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 processor.  It also features a square camera module in the rear, and a USB-C port at the bottom.

It is likely to have aluminium sides and a glass back like the Pixel 4, and there does not appear to be an obvious headphone jack.

Based on the size of the camera module it will likely only have 2 cameras at the back, along with a flash.

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The handset may hit the market sometime in September to October this year, according to other earlier rumours.

See the handset rendered in 3D below:

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