Microsoft wants to bring touch control to non-touch screen laptops

The January 2020 patent, “USING AN ALTERNATE INPUT DEVICE AS A MANEUVERABLE EMULATED TOUCH SCREEN DEVICE” suggests the simple solution of entering a mode where your trackpad pretends to be a touch screen, delivering touch inputs to apps as if you are touching the screen instead of trying to control the cursor.

Microsoft notes however that a trackpad is generally a lot smaller than the screen, and their solution is a movable input area (the lighter box in the drawing above) which can be positioned via a two-finger swipe, which would then move the input area where you want to the desired touch input to take place (e.g in the example drawing a signature with your finger).

As mentioned earlier, while the solution would be pretty awkward to emulate a whole touch screen, it may work pretty well for the much smaller windows of phone apps being streamed to your PC.

The full patent can be seen here.

What do our readers think of this solution? Let us know below.

Via WindowsUnited

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