Android 11 brings wireless Android Auto to all phones

Starting with Android 11 later this year, all phones will soon be able to connect wirelessly to compatible cars with Android Auto.


Over two years ago, Google finally made it possible for Android Auto to connect wirelessly instead of needing to be connected via USB to your car stereo. However, the wireless capabilities have so far only been available on Google’s Pixel phones and Samsung Galaxy phones.


Today, Google has updated their support page for Android Auto that describes what countries Android Auto can be used in and what devices are required to use Android Auto wirelessly. Above the usual description of which phones on Android 10 and Android Pie are compatible, Google has added a new note stating that “Any smartphone with Android 11.0″ can use Android Auto wirelessly.


Pretty clearly, that means any Android phone from the likes of LG, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, etc. that is released on or gets updated to Android 11 will be able to enjoy connecting wirelessly to Android Auto. Interestingly, that should also mean that Android One — though not Android Go — phones would be able to use Android Auto wirelessly once their Android 11 update arrives.

The only major restriction is that your phone must be able to connect to 5GHz WiFi networks. Google also specifically notes for EU residents that your phone may still be incompatible even with Android 11, as the EU has specific requirements for 5GHz being used in cars. Similarly, folks in prohibited countries like Japan and Russia will still be unable to use Android Auto wirelessly.

The update comes as automotive OEMs like BMW finally begin to put wireless Android Auto support into more of their vehicles. Now we just need more companies to follow suit so more of us can leave the USB-C cord behind.

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