LG ‘Wing’ smartphone leaks — it’s basically that phone from Iron Man

LG is trying something new with its upcoming “Wing” smartphone, and now, we might have an idea of when to expect its debut and what its price will be.

The folks over at Android Authority managed to get their hands on a brief video showcasing this wacky upcoming smartphone that tells us quite a lot about the device.


As seen in the video below, this LG smartphone known by its codename “Wing” is mounted on a car dashboard on its side. That leaves the primary, rumored 6.8-inch display sitting vertically with the smaller, rumored 4-inch display off to its side. This probably isn’t the way most people would use this device, but it’s a pretty compelling use case. On the larger display, we can see a navigation app running and, on the second, a music control “widget” with a notification about an incoming call above. When that call is accepted, it takes over that second display without ever minimizing or interfering with the mapping app.

XDA-Developers cites sources familiar with LG’s plans for the “Wing” who claim that the device’s pricing will be lower than the claimed ₩1,900,000/~$1,600 price HeraldCorp recently reported. Apparently, LG “Wing” will carry a price of “around $1,000” when it launches in the United States.

Given the current landscape of pricing for smartphones that try to break the mold such as Galaxy Fold, Z Flip, and Microsoft’s new Surface Duo, $1,000 really doesn’t seem like a crazy number for the LG “Wing.” Of course, one grain of salt here is that LG’s device will be using the lower-end Snapdragon 765G processor instead of the 8-series chips in those aforementioned devices.


Whatever the story ends up being on pricing, we can’t wait to see what LG’s wacky device will bring to the table.


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