Apple’s pledge to include Low- carbon Aluminum in its products to set a new trend in the tech industry

Apple announced its new climate goals last week; Apple revealed that its new laptops would include a novel material “low carbon” aluminum. This lightweight metal is chemically the same as used in products like soda cans, bike frames, car doors but made using different industrial process, which does not result in the direct release of greenhouse gases.

By adapting this process, Apple is set to become the first company in the tech industry to use low carbon aluminum in its products.

As per the experts this a huge breakthrough which came after decades of experiments and developments. Researchers are still trying to figure out as to how to scale up the Mass production of these items. If the researchers succeed in figuring out a way then this would significantly reduce the aluminum’s carbon footprint.

Donald Sadoway a renowned professor of materials Chemistry at MIT says “This is a pivotal moment”  

Recycle cans, electronics, and repurposed aluminum only account for about 1/3rd of global market. And this news arrives at the right time when global aluminum industry is fighting against rising greenhouse emissions.


Apple said Aluminum represented 27% of its product manufacturing in 2015. Now this tech company is using more of recycled aluminum in its products and priority is given to the vendors who runs their factories with hydropower. This initiative have helped Apple to reduce aluminum related emissions by 63%.

 In Addition to the above Apple is Partnering with the firm Elysis to create a supply chain for low carbon aluminum and last month they announced that first batch of these materials will be used in its 16” MacBook pros.

However, they have not disclosed how much of new Aluminum will be used in its products. Nevertheless, once these laptops hit the market we can see many companies to follow this trend of using cleaner materials to reduce the carbon footprint.


It is also be noted that Initiatives from companies would not be enough to reduce the carbon footprint; the companies should also get support from the Governments. Like giving Tax breaks to companies who sell the products with low carbon materials, which would in turn lead to reduced price and  encourage end consumers to buy more of these low carbon products and in turn would put pressure on more manufacturers to shift their supply chain to include carbon efficient products.

As of now, it is still unclear how fast and far Apple will adopt this Low carbon Aluminum across its product portfolio. whether the current manufacturer Elysis would be able to scale up their technologies to do the mass production.  Only thing we can do right now is to Appreciate Apple for taking this initiative, which we hope, many other companies to follow Apple for the better future of the earth.

Kindly let us know your view in the comments below.

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