Google Assistant redesigns ‘Food preferences’ menu with cuisines, ingredients

Last December, Google added “Food & drink” settings so that Smart Displays could recommend recipes that abide by your dietary restrictions. In a revamp, Google Assistant’s new “Food preferences” menu has a more friendly interface and fine-grained options.


Like before, Google Assistant’s Food preferences menu lets you “Set your preferences for better recipe recommendations on your smart display.” It still starts by asking whether you’re Gluten free, Vegan, and/or Vegetarian, but in a much nicer interface.

Instead of a list, you’re now presented with a grid of pictures. In the top-left corner of each card is a thumbs up button that you have to tap. (The touch target is a bit small.) Meanwhile, the major change is the ability to also select “Cuisines” and “Ingredients.” There’s a high-level carousel to filter or you can just scroll through “All.”

In these sections, cards can be thumbed up or down. There are 13 types of food from around the world, and 30 distinct ones.

Now called “Food preferences,” instead of “Food & drink,” it can be accessed under the “You” tab for those with the old Assistant settings. In the revamp, it’s available in the You page or the alphabetical settings list.

As of today, this Google Assistant Food preferences menu is widely rolled out on the latest version of the Google app for both Android and iOS.

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