Google Fi bug sees subscribers get billed $0 this month

Before taxes, the average monthly cost of Google’s MVNO for Flexible (pay as you go) users is between $30-80, or $70 on the Unlimited plan. Some subscribers are now receiving a $0 Google Fi bill that’s very clearly a bug.


There are several reports of Google Fi members opening their “monthly statement” email to see that the total is $0 and that they “will not be charged this month.” A trip to the Fi client for Android and iOS seemingly confirms that amount.

However, the app quickly reveals how this is a mistake, as “last month’s data” is also reported to be “0 GB.” Oddly, the correct usage and fee was displayed for users as the bill was still being finalized. These customers do not have credits that would explain the lack of a charge, and the company is usually good at highlighting any perks.

Multiple users have contacted Google today and support representatives are aware of the issue. Google will presumably send an updated Fi bill that does not have $0 as the total in the near future, and provide the ability to make a payment.

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