Apple confirms the launch event on September 15

Apple has confirmed it will hold an event on September 15, 2020, at 10 a.m. PDT, where it is expected to unveil the iPhone 12.


Apple has updated its events page with the details of the event.

We’ve been waiting for an Apple announcement all day, and it had previously been rumored that Apple would release a new iPad Air and Apple Watch Series 6. There’s still time for all of that, but as per Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple has also announced the upcoming event to take place next week. From a report earlier this week:

While some people have suggested some sort of product announcement might happen this week, Gurman doesn’t expect that to happen. Instead, he says, it’s more likely that Apple will share the date that it will announce its big 2020 products.


A report from Bloomberg says there won’t be an iPhone 12 at this event, however. Apple has a new iPad Air rumored to be ready for release, as well as the Apple Watch Series 6. We may even see some cool new accessories such as Apple’s new smaller HomePod and its rumored over-ear headphones, AirPods Studio.


What’s interesting is that Apple seems to have added an AR element to the event. If you double tap on the Apple logo, you get an AR interface on iOS, suggesting Apple plans to add some kind of AR component to the event. Thanks Shaun!

Ok so it’s working now. – check this out.

— Shaun Jenks  🇬🇧📱⌚️💻📸✈️ (@Shaunjenks) September 8, 2020

Currently shows this

— Paweł Orzech 🧿 (@pawelorzech) September 8, 2020

Apple’s iPhone 12 is expected to feature three new sizes of iPhone and four different models, an updated design, 5G, and more.

You can read all of the latest information about iPhone 12 here.

Apple’s event says “join us from Apple Park”, meaning this is almost certainly an online-only event where the press will not be in attendance.


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