WhatsApp is working on self-destructing media

WhatsApp has been working on self-destructing messages for quite a while now, but now, it seems the the Facebook-owned company is doing some modification to the feature by providing an option to send expriring photos,videos, images, GIFs. As spotted by WABetainfo, WhatsApp is working on a new feature called ‘Expiring Media,’ the pupose of which is to make sure that the media disappears from the phone after the recipent leaves the chat.


In case you forgot, the self-destructing message is a feature that lets you choose how long you want your WhatsApp messages remain visible in the chat last before they get deleted. On the contrary, the self-destructing media doesn’t give you the option to set a timer — photos, videos, GIFs get deleted only after the recipent leaves the chat.

It’s worth noting that unlike in the case of users deleting messages in chats, WhatsApp won’t notify you when the media expires, meaning the media will completly disappear from the chat. Luckily, the recipents will be able to understand which ones are self-destructing and which ones are not, though we don’t know how the self-destricting media will be different from from the regular ones.


The feature seems to be at a very early stage of development, meaning we might have to wait a while before the feature makes becomes available for the general public. Meanwhile, you can sound off in the comments if you like the feature.

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