Google Calendar officially rolling out Tasks integration on Android and iOS

Google has been working on Tasks integration in Calendar for Android and iOS over the past year. The feature is now officially rolling out in the coming weeks.

On the web, Google Tasks integration was previously limited to or the Gmail/Drive sidebar. 


You can now create and view tasks in Google Calendar on Android and iOS. Previously, you could only do this in Calendar on the web. Adding tasks to your calendar keeps to-do’s visible and allocates time for you to accomplish them, helping you accomplish what’s important. 

Now, tapping the Create FAB in the bottom-right corner of the Android or iOS app reveals a new “Task” button. It’s positioned closest to “Event” and joined by “Reminder,” as well as “Goal.”

Users are then taken to a fullscreen UI for editing. It’s similar to creating a regular event with options to assign a date and set whether it repeats. You can also quickly change which account it appears under and “add details.” Sliding down this screen lets you see your calendar in the background to better plan.

The other half of this integration is viewing Tasks in the Google Calendar app and not needing the standalone client for notifications/alerts. This category appears in the navigation drawer to show/hide from the main view.


Google Tasks in Calendar is rolling out today and will be available on both mobile platforms over the coming weeks. The integration is for G Suite customers and personal Gmail accounts.

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