‘What is Stadia?’ Google explains the service in a video

Google Stadia is about a month away from its one-year anniversary and, yet, confusion about how the service works is still rampant. Now, Google has debuted a new Stadia promo which gives a super clear explanation of the platform.


 “Get to know Stadia” is a two and a half minute video that goes over just about everything you’d need to know about Stadia clearly and quickly.

Why is this video needed? Frankly, Google hasn’t done the best job explaining what Stadia is to the average Joe. Back at launch, many people assumed Stadia was the “Netflix of Games,” something it absolutely is not. Further, most people still think that Stadia requires a $10/month Pro subscription when it simply doesn’t


In this quick video explanation, Google clearly lays out that Stadia players can either subscribe to Pro to get free games monthly, but also that they can simply fill their library by purchasing games and not spend a dime on the service itself. How to play Stadia also gets addressed, with Google explaining that players can use their current smartphone, laptop, gamepad, and more to play with the option to purchase a Stadia Controller and Chromecast Ultra to improve the experience.

Misinformation and misunderstandings about Google Stadia have run rampant, and many of those have become memes and quick insults that PC, PlayStation, and Xbox gamers throw at Stadia constantly. Hopefully, this new video will help clarify things for at least a few players. We’ve been pretty happy with Stadia, especially as its library expands, and you might be too.

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