Confirmed after one plus buds One plus watch is coming

event, but of course, that didn’t turn out to be true. This also led to people thinking that the rumors of the OnePlus Watch were false. Turns out, OnePlus is indeed working on its first-ever smartwatch as the company’s India Twitter handle recently confirmed the rumors by posting an image of what could be the design of its upcoming watch.


“More things are coming to the OnePlus ecosystem. It’s just a matter of time,” the caption of the image reads. The company, however, revealed no further details about the product, nor did it share any details on the launch date. But there is one important confirmation that we got the image that the company posted and that’s regarding the design — as we reported, the OnePlus Watch will have a circular design like the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and unlike the Apple Watch, which features a square design.

While the company didn’t reveal the details on the launch, we’ve enough evidence to believe that the OnePlus Watch will hit the market sooner rather than later. Last month, the OnePlus smartwatch with model number W301GB passed the IMDA certification, hinting that the launch date could be only a few months ahead of us. And now that OnePlus has also started teasing the product, the likelihood of it hitting the market this month has increased all the more.


Meanwhile, OnePlus’ sister company OPPO also released a smartwatch earlier this year, but since it has a square design, these two will look different, unlike OPPO Find X2 and OnePlus 8 Pr0, both of which look very similar to each other.

How many of you’re excited about the upcoming OnePlus Watch? Let us know in the comments below.

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