Assistant adds ‘Hey Google, where do I vote?’ command on phones, Smart Displays

With 18 days til US elections, Google is rolling out a number of features across Assistant, Maps, and Search that will help people vote.

The company notes that “searches for ‘how to vote’ in the US are higher than ever before.” When looking up “where to vote” in Maps, users will actually be directed to Google Search. Here, they can enter their street address to see locations grouped by Election Day, Vote Early, and Drop Box.


On Google, search for things like ‘early voting locations’ or ‘ballot drop boxes near me’ and you’ll find details on where you can vote in person or return your mail-in ballot, whether you’re voting early or on Election Day. It will also include helpful reminders, like to bring your ballot completed and sealed. 

Meanwhile, Assistant in the coming days will support a “Hey Google, where do I vote?” command. This will work on Android or iOS phones, Smart Displays, and speakers. It provides mostly the same experience as Search.

Google lists where it’s sourcing these locations at the top of results, while Search still surfaces state and local election websites below.

The official information in this feature comes from the Voting Information Project, a partnership between Democracy Works, a nonprofit, nonpartisan civic organization, and state election officials. Through the Voting Information Project, we plan to have more than 200,000 voting locations available across the country.

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