Sony finally shares details on PS5 pricing in India.

Sony announced PlayStation 5 pricing and availability information in global markets nearly a month ago, but it failed to do the same in India. That’s changing today, as Sony has finally revealed that the PlayStation 5 will be priced in India at ₹49,990 ($680). That’s the same price as Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, with Sony matching Microsoft in this particular area — much like the global $499 pricing for both models.

Sony will also launch the PS5 Digital Edition in India, with that particular variant set to retail for ₹39,990 ($544). The Xbox Series S costs ₹34,990 ($475), but then again, it doesn’t share the same hardware as the Xbox Series X. That’s not the case with Sony — both the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition share the same internal hardware, with the only difference being the disk drive. Sony has also revealed that the DualSense wireless controller will debut in the country for ₹5,990 ($81).


While it’s great to see Sony finally sharing PS5 pricing details for India, we still don’t know when the console will launch in the country. Sony hasn’t revealed availability information yet, and it looks like the console may be delayed in the country. As a refresher, Sony still doesn’t own the PS5 trademark in India, and it is possible that could be the delay in launching the console in the country.

We’ll share further details as we get them, but for now, what are your thoughts on PS5 pricing in India?

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