iPhone 12 mini could set a trend for smaller smartphones – Kantar

Market intelligence firm Kantar thinks that the iPhone 12 mini could set a trend for smaller, premium smartphones.

With Apple having launched the iPhone 12 mini as part of its latest line-up, smaller phone form factors might also become more popular as a result …

The firm said that more than 12% of smartphone buyers choose a model ‘specifically for how it fits in their hand/pocket.’

Apple’s offering of 4 models in this year’s line-up is a very interesting strategy, particularly in the premium-tier price range (one tier below super-premium) with iPhone 12 mini. Unlike previous flagships, iPhone 12 mini gives customers all of the latest specifications and 5G capability, but in a smaller form factor at lower cost, in-line with many areas of market growth. While share growth over the last couple of years has been for larger screen sizes, Apple is tackling both ends of the spectrum with this launch.

Unsurprisingly, Kantar also believes that Apple’s move into 5G will accelerate interest in the faster mobile data standard.

Latest Kantar data suggests that 5G capabilities will likely be a significant purchase driver for consumers in the near future […]

5G capability as a reason for choosing specific models bought, although still small relative to other drivers, has increased across all reported markets since Q4 2019, particularly in China increasing by 23% pts.

Among customers who plan to purchase a smartphone in the next 6 months, at least 45% across all markets intend to buy 5G; the highest being in China at 89% followed by the US at 69%. Commercially, the benefits of 5G is being marketed as delivering high speeds and uninterrupted connectivity to support activities such as gaming, streaming video on demand and video calling.

The company says that it remains to be seen how much consumers will value 5G once they actually experience it.

5G can offer support to improve consumer experiences in the day-to-day activities they use their smartphones for. That said, how consumers value this is an area we will understand better as the market evolves.

One factor which may influence this is the significant battery-life hit 5G usage exerts with the iPhone 12.

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