Apple won’t let your 18w iPhone 11 charger fast charge your iPhone 12

Ostensibly in an effort to save the environment (and absolutely nothing to do with boosting their margins), Apple is shipping the iPhone 12 without a charger this year.

Apple says most people are upgrading an already have an old USB charger somewhere.


Unfortunately only iPhone 11 owners actually have USB-C chargers which will fit the USB-C o USBC-C cable the iPhone 12 ships with, and now even these people are finding they have been short-changed by Apple.

The iPhone 11 came with an 18W USBC-C charging brick, which should be perfect for the iPhone 12, except you need at least 20W to fast charge the iPhone 12, according to Apple’s documentation.


It is not clear yet what happens when you plug an iPhone 12 into an iPhone 11 charging brick, but it could potentially default all the way back to 5W charging.

Likely what will happen is owners will be making another trip to the Apple store to purchase a charger optimised for their device, which will certainly not do much for the environment, but a lot for Apple’s bottom line.

via iMore

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