LG’s Project B rollable smartphone gets a launch date

The Elec has once again reported that LG is set to release a smartphone with a rollable flexible screen in 2021.

The device is being developed in under the Explorer Project and will reportedly feature a screen that can be extended by pulling on the sides.

LG appears to tease the device at the end of their LG Wing announcement.

LG is apparently making the handset more as a PR flagship than a real commercial venture.  The company has seen 20 quarters of loss in recent years, and the device is expected to boost the profile of the company externally and morale internally.

The handset has reportedly entered trail production at LG’s factory in Pyeongtaek with 1000-2000 unit expected to be produced.


‘B Project’ rollable display device is rumoured for a March 2021 launch.

The rollable smartphone could replace tablets, or at least it has the potential to replace tablets because you can expand the display so such an extent that if you do the math, the smartphone becomes 200 percent larger than its most compact form. It remains to be seen however is chronically struggling LG will be the company to make the paradigm shift.

via Neowin

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