Samsung redesigns the Galaxy Store to remind everyone they still have Fortnite

The Google Play Store is where most Android users get their apps and games, but every Samsung phone comes preloaded with the Galaxy Store. Now, that store is getting another redesign that focuses heavily on gaming.


Back in early 2019, Samsung gave its Store a fresh coat of paint that’s stuck around for over a year. Now, Samsung is “relaunching” the Galaxy Store with a heavy focus on gaming.

In the new design, Samsung highlights games on the top row as well as personalizing recommendations underneath. To get to apps, users have to press a separate “Apps” tab while the store defaults to the “Games” tab.


Samsung is relaunching Galaxy Store as the place for casual and hardcore gamers alike to discover exciting gaming experiences and take advantage of unique benefits for Galaxy users. With its curated selection of the best games and gaming perks, Galaxy Store helps you get more and game more.


Whether games are your way to take a break, try your luck, or test yourself, the newly redesigned Galaxy Store is the go-to way to browse, discover, and play your favorites. Plus, when you play through Galaxy Store, you can access Galaxy-exclusive games, rewards, and benefits—as well as take advantage of expert gaming and app recommendations to get the most of your Galaxy experience.

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