Google’s Screenwise Meter app is closing in December

Google is set to close the audience monitoring and measuring app Screenwise Meter as soon as December 2 in some locations.


The Audience Measurement program is used to monitor and track web browsing and our internet usage, with rewards being offered for those participating in the program. You could do so by installing the Screenwise Meter app on your Android or iOS device, where incentivized rewards were offered in return for usage.


If this sounds similar to Google Opinion Rewards – without the survey element – that’s because it effectively is. Although Opinion Rewards gives you the option to answer surveys for Play Store credit.

Audience Measurement has ended

  • Since the end date, you haven’t been metered or earned reward points.
  • We emailed you to let you know that Audience Measurement ended.
  • Please uninstall the Screenwise Meter app.

Well, this other program is set to close by December 2 – or December 3 – based upon your location, with the Screenwise Meter app ceasing to work beyond these dates. Emails have already been sent out to participants informing them of the program closure, with information being provided on how to redeem gift cards with any remaining account balances (via Android Police).


If you have remaining reward points on December 2, those points will be automatically used for an Amazon gift card for you. Make sure that your panelist email is correct so you can receive your gift card.

Those with greater than $5 in their account will get the option to choose from a variety of gift card options. Those with over $5 in their Screenwise Meter accounts will automatically be issued an Amazon gift card for their account balance.

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