Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy earbuds may be called ‘Galaxy Buds Beyond’

It’s not just in the smarpthone business that Samsung is trying to gain the upper hand over its competitor, but the company is also trying hard to make its truly wireless earbuds more appealing by improving the sound quality and design. Samsung has already started working on its upcoming earbuds and as we understand it based on a trademark filing in the US, its upcoming earbuds might be called Galaxy Buds Beyond.


The Galaxy Buds Beyond could be the successor of the Galaxy Buds Plus that launched along with the Galaxy S20 this year. And the fact that the Galaxy Buds Plus launched alongside the S20 series makes a very strong case for us to speculate that Samsung is likely to do the same with the Galaxy Buds+ successor — launching the Galaxy Buds Beyond alongside the Galaxy S21, which is rumored to be announced on January 14. Again, this is only a possibility and Samsung might have a different plan.


Unfortunately, the trademark filing doesn’t reveal any details on the Galaxy Buds Plus, leaving us in the dark about the specs and design of the earbuds. But if the Galaxy Buds Beyond is meant to succeed the Galaxy Buds+, it’s likely that the former will share some similarities with the latter when it comes to design. Apart from that, we’re also expecting an improvement in sound quality and better build quality.

If you’re using Galaxy Buds+, let’s know what improvements you want Samsung to add to its successor.

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