The GPD Win 3 has been revealed and it’s not much of a looker

Game Pad Digital has revealed the next iteration of their gaming PC portables: the GPD Win 3. 

Revealed through a Twitter post following numerous leaks,  the upcoming GPD Win 3 is quite possibly the most ugly GPD product to be designed yet.


Forgoing the traditional clamshell design of the first two Win devices,  the third mainline entry in the hardware line opts instead for a sliding screen that hides a keyboard, much like the old portable VAOI PCs that we’d all like to forget.

With portable PC gaming as its focus, the Win 3 still features built-in controls to game with.  This version sees a split D-Pad design,  A,B,X,Y buttons,  two analogue sticks and start and select buttons that sit flush with the system’s metal body.

The device will,  of course,  feature bumpers and triggers but GPD has yet to reveal what style of buttons they’ll adopt for this one.

Here’s the leaked specs:

5.5″ Inch 268 PPU IPS display with Gorilla Glass 5 

Intel I7-1165G7 Tiger Lake

16GB LPDDR4X RAM @ 4266MHz

NVMe 2280 Storage

WiFi 6

Bluetooth 5.0

65w charging via USB C 

Curiously,  the upcoming device also comes with a docking station.

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