New Google Workspace icons rolling out — Drive, Gmail, Chat, Meet, Docs, Calendar, & Keep

Google Workspace was announced at the start of October as a rebrand of G Suite and revamped approach to office-less productivity. As part of these changes, all of Google’s Workspace apps are seeing new icons, with the rollout now underway.

Google Voice

Similar to Chat and Meet, Google Voice removes the dark green message bubble background. The icon is now a landline phone with a signal emanating from it. Two shades of green are leveraged for a more modern icon.

Like Keep, the new Voice icon made its first appearance on the web before coming to Android. This service is not technically part of Google Workspace, but it is the last consumer application to see its brand refreshed. 

Version 2020.46 also introduces a new status bar icon for texts where a message is placed in a white, rounded square. It’s so bold that people will not mistaken it for the RCS Messages client.

Google Keep

The Keep icon has been brought in line with Google’s other productivity/editing applications. Instead of a rounded square, the light bulb — which is now solid — is placed on a sheet of paper. Just like Docs/Sheets/Slides, the slightly darker fold is in the top-right corner.

After rolling out to, the new “Keep Notes” icon is available on iOS and Android (version 5.20.441.01.40). Both mobile platforms see the yellow rectangle displayed against a white background and lack a splash screen.

Google Calendar

Calendar gets a similar treatment to the new Gmail icon by dropping the physical object it was previously modeled after. It’s now a square with the bottom-right corner creased. Blue is the primary color, while “31” is in the center.


Version 2020.42 of Google Calendar for Android is rolling out with the new logo. The date at the center still refreshes daily, while the new icon does not appear — save for the splash screen — anywhere else in the app. The status bar icon is essentially the number “31” in a square. An update brought this branding to iOS last week, and it is now making its way via the Play Store.

Meanwhile, the website has also been updated, with the new icon first appearing in the Google Workspace side panel of several apps.

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides

The icons for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, as well as Sites and Forms, are mostly unchanged. That said, the earmark in the top-right corner is now darker. Inside, Google has simplified in various ways, including one less line of text/row and thinner glyphs.

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