Philips Hue now supports HomeKit Adaptive Lighting for all users

Philips Hue lights now support HomeKit Adaptive Lighting for all users, after an earlier smaller-scale rollout. The feature is designed to match the color temperature of smart lights to the time of day, as Apple explains.


Light bulbs that change color can be automatically adjusted throughout the day to maximize comfort and productivity. You can ease into morning with warmer colors, stay focused and alert midday with cooler colors, and wind down at night by removing blue light …

Eve was first to take advantage of the new capability in its Light Strip, late last month. iCulture reports that Philips has now done the same for all of its White Ambiance and White & Color Ambiance lamps, no matter which format.

For smart lamps, there is Adaptive Lighting: a kind of Night Shift for your smart lighting. Philips Hue previously promised to release an update, and now the update is out. With version 1941132070 of the Philips Hue Bridge you can use Adaptive Lighting […]


This is completely automatic, without you having to adjust the color of your lamps yourself. With Philips Hue, this works with both the White & Color Ambiance and the White Ambiance lamps, in all different shapes (candle lamp, E27, GU10, etc.).

Two steps are necessary to use the feature. First, you need to update the Hue Bridge:

  1. Open the Hue app and tap Settings .
  2. Scroll down and tap Software Update.
  3. A new version is being searched. Tap Update to install it. The correct version is 1941132070 of the Philips Hue Bridge. No new update is required for the lamps.

Don’t be surprised if you’re not seeing this version available yet – updates usually take a few days to roll out globally. Bridge updates can also be slow, so it’s generally best to set them in motion and then check back in half an hour or so.

Once it has finally updated, you should get a notification in your Home app that you now have Adaptive Lighting available, inviting you to select the lamps you would like to configure. Just scroll through them and check the ones you want to have use the feature.

If you use any Hue outdoor lighting, you’ll want to check whether your power supply is affected by a recent safety recall.

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