T-Mobile put random OnePlus pop-up stores around the US, you can win $5,000 by finding them

T-Mobile is the only US carrier offering the OnePlus 8T, and now the two companies are putting together a fun contest where you can win a phone, some earbuds, or up to $5,000. Here’s how.

The “OnePlus Go Farther” contest sees T-Mobile placing three “pop-up stores” at different locations somewhere in the United States. Through the help of hints on the official T-Mobile Twitter account, contestants are tasked with figuring out where those pop-up stores are and correctly answering that at oneplusgofarther.com.


The three pop-up stores are hidden somewhere in the U.S. in a place that lights up T-Mobile’s 5G network – the first and largest nationwide 5G network with coverage reaching all 50 states covering 270 million people across 1.4 million square miles. And remember T-Mobile’s 5G network reaches far beyond big cities, stretching all the way out to remote and rural locations.

Sound like finding a needle in a nationwide haystack? Head to @TMobile on Twitter for hints, riddles and images to help along the way – check back frequently as they will be given out multiple times a day throughout the week.

Once the contest comes to a close, there will be three “reveal days” where winners will be announced. Three grand-prize winners will get $5,000 in cash and a custom-designed OnePlus 8T+ 5G. 100 winners will get a standard 8T+ and 300 more will get a free pair of OnePlus Buds Z.


We’ll update this article with each new clue as they’re announced.

Clue 1: You might have an easier time panning for gold than finding our Pop-Up. #OnePlusGoFarther.

Clue 2: Our 5G network is as big as the sky. #OnePlusGoFarther

Clue 3: Take a quick peak. Now you have your bearings.

Clue 4: Don’t drive too fast down 212 toward Yellowstone! Go back and make sure you RED that right.