Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 may feature a under-display camera

Among other things, the under-display camera is expected to be a buzzword next year as we’re going to see some smartphones with this new technology. While we don’t know which brands are going to add this technology to their smartphones, Samsung is expected to be one of the first few smartphone makers to offer under-display selfie camera to its customers.


According to Ice Universe, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be the first Galaxy smartphone to have an under-display camera. The tipster also says that the Z Fold 3 will have “a lot of innovative technologies.” You’ll also be able to take notes on the foldable phone as Samsung will also add support for the S Pen. The second-gen Ultra-Thin Glass(UTG) display is also another exciting technology that will be included in the Z Fold 3.

Currently, we don’t have much knowledge about the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but rumor has it that Samsung will add a series of indicator lights to the hideaway hinge of the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Key details about the foldable phone are still unknown, meaning we still don’t have any information about the price, specs, and availability of the foldable. Nevertheless, we’re hopeful that we’ll get to know more about the upcoming Z Fold 3 in the coming days.

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